Type of Work:
Web2 App
React.js, Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB (MERN)
November 1, 2023
Link to Platform:


fast_track is an interview app for aspiring bankers. It allows students to practice video interviews with each other in the interview dashboard. It also allows students to perform actual interviewing sessions with mentors where they can pay to get expert opinions and guidance. The mentors and students have separate dashboards with payments, stats, ratings, etc. The platform has features like 3rd party Video conferencing integration, Stripe “Connected accounts” integrated as well as automated emails and notifications.
Peer-to-Peer Interview Practice: Students can schedule and conduct mock interviews with their peers through the interview dashboard, utilizing integrated third-party video conferencing tools for seamless practice sessions.
Mentor-Led Interview Sessions: Students can book and pay for professional interview coaching with experienced mentors. The platform facilitates payments through Stripe “Connected accounts” and provides detailed feedback and guidance from mentors.
Custom Dashboards for Users: Separate dashboards for students and mentors include personalized stats, payment history, performance ratings, and interview schedules, ensuring an organized and efficient user experience.
Automated Communication System: The app features automated emails and notifications to remind users of upcoming interviews, provide feedback, and update them on important account activities, enhancing engagement and organization.