Type of Work:
Web2 App
Angular, Node.js, MySQL
April 1, 2024
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Eltizam is a company that provides insurance in Saudi Arabia. They offer a variety of insurance products including vehicle, medical, travel, and property protection. Eltizam is driven by the principle of cooperative insurance, and with every purchase of an insurance policy, a portion of the money goes to charitable organizations.
Policy Management Dashboard: Users can view, manage, and update their insurance policies through a centralized dashboard, ensuring easy access to policy details, renewal reminders, and claim status tracking.
Instant Quote Generator: The web app provides an instant quote generator for various insurance products, allowing users to quickly get estimates based on their specific needs and preferences.
Online Claims Submission: Customers can submit and track insurance claims online, upload necessary documentation, and communicate with customer support, streamlining the claims process.
Charity Contribution Tracking: Users can view the amount of their premium that has been allocated to charitable organizations, promoting transparency and highlighting the company's commitment to cooperative insurance principles.