Driven NFTs

Type of Work:
Web3 + Web2 App
React.js, Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB (MERN), Solidity, IPFS
November 1, 2022
Link to Platform:


Driven NFTs is a project by Driven Trading Academy, that provides tools, training, automation possibilities and coaching for people that want to learn trading.
The most premium merch-based NFT collection that is attached to 1 million dollar perks.
Drivenverse NFT collections are designed to position people to win in the decentralization movement. a powerful expression of skills that will make a change and impact people such as trading, crypto, and mindset.
Founder of Driven NFT provides tools, training, and automation bots for those people who want to learn to trade.
The person who holds Driven NFTs has some perks. They have multiple rewards for NFT holders some of them are Rolex watches, Driven Canvas, 720s NFT wrapped Mclaren.