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Webflow Website
Figma, Webflow Designer
July 1, 2022
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Bluemoon is a pioneering Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) platform that democratizes access to the metaverse. It allows users, brands, and businesses to create personalized Metaverse experiences, overcoming challenges such as slow creation processes, technical hurdles, and security concerns.
Bluemoon offers a user-friendly platform with various tools for constructing tailor-made virtual worlds.
The Explore section provides a platform for brands, influencers, creatives, and everyday users to attend events and meetups in the Metaverse. A key feature of the Explore section is the Access Pass, a premium feature that offers users exclusive benefits and access to premium features on the platform
Bluemoon's NFT marketplace is a comprehensive platform for digital assets. It allows users to create, buy, sell, and trade NFTs within the Metaverse. This feature opens up new avenues for artists, creators, and collectors to interact and transact in a secure and decentralized environment.